Skirmish #4

Skirmish 4 – Saturday April 28th, Noon pacific
Team Small Games Medley
Our 4 teams were just getting warmed up last skirmish, and now they are ready to roll. They will be competing in Spleef, Where’s the Beef, Thunderdome, and the Iron Man Race. See them compete in our custom arena with a few tweaks from last time. Hope you aren’t afraid of heights.
The 4 teams are Team Suit Up (gray), Team Why can’t I hold all these limes (lime green), Team Fuego (red) and Team Purple. Each team will bring 5 of its best players for each match in head to head competition.
Map Trailer (novice recording edition)



March Skirmishes

Mark your calendars and tell your friends.
Skirmish 2 – Saturday March 10th, 6pm pst.
Adventure Map 2-4 players
Because of the small number of players this won’t really be a team activity. But it should be fun to watch regardless.

Skirmish 3 – Sunday March 26th, 3pm pst
Team Small Games Medley
We have 4 teams now, and they are ready to compete. This will be the first time the new teams compete against each other. They will be competing in Spleef, Where’s the Beef, Thunderdome, and the Iron Man Race. We have built an all new area to hold these games in utilizing the new taller ceiling height. Hope you aren’t afraid of heights.
Meet the new teams, choose your favorites. The new team colors as chosen by them(as of now) are Lime Green, Purple, Gray and Red. If you fancy yourself a skin maker i’m sure they would appreciate some new skins to wear sporting their team colors. Keep in mine that skins need to have the team color prominently on the head (at least), and not have any other teams color prominent anywhere on the skin (specks and small highlights are fine). Email submissions to minecraft@minecraftmarathon.org.



Minecraft Skirmishes

Hey everyone!
imgWe’re going to try a series of follow-up events throughout the year, designed to keep you entertained, and get even more people interested in Minecraft Marathon. By next year, we’ll have way more followers, and the marathon can be an even bigger event!
We’re calling these mini events Minecraft Skirmishes, and they will also be livestreamed on our Twitch.TV account. Our first event is planned for Saturday, February 4th, at 9:30am PST. We’ll be trying out a Race for the Wool with a bunch of newbies! Please tune in at that time, and keep an eye out for some Minecraft giveaways!



Thank you!

img2We’re still recovering from a weekend of Minecraft, commentary, auctions and interviews, and Marc’s new employment with Mojang, and not all of our totals are in, but we wanted to take a moment to update the site with a summary post.
To anyone who won an auction: thank you very much for participating! We’re running a bit slow here, but expect that most of our auctions payments, messages, shipping, etc will be resolved within a week from the end of the marathon (so, Sunday-ish).

During Minecraft Marathon, we:

  • streamed 53 hours of Minecraft
  • raised over $4,000 via ChipIn
  • raised over $7,000 via our auctions
  • drank 3 flats of Whoopass and 5 packs of Jones Soda
  • drank 2 bottles of Jones’ Tofurky and Gravy soda
  • had 60 eBay auctions!
  • conducted 5 interviews
  • had 3 visits from Mojang employees: Jeb, MinecraftChick, and Patrick
    Feel free to leave your own stats or memories of the weekend in the comments section!
    Please keep following us on Twitter, Facebook, and this blog. We have more plans for this year! Once things settle down a bit, we’re going to do some followup auctions to offload some items that fell through the cracks the first time. We would like to livestream events every so often, and totally want to be back for Minecraft Marathon 2 next year.
    P.S. The server save files can be found here.



Over $1,000!

We’ve been hard at work creating and listing new auctions full of really awesome things. Please check them out here!img4
Our current auction total is $1,170. This is significant is because not even half of our auctions are listed yet! Most of our remaining auctions are scheduled to unlock by 4:00pm PST, today. Because of how eBay works with delayed auctions, anything that we miss will be added on Saturday, so we’ll have a big push to bump those items up!
If you haven’t checked out our auctions yet, please do! We have some incredible prizes you won’t find anywhere else!



Vote on Reddit!

Hey everyone!
img3We’re just over one day away from the Minecraft Marathon, and we need our viewerbase to pull together and help us promote this charity event! You can tell people about Minecraft Marathon in many different ways, but one important way is Reddit.
For those unfamiliar with Reddit, it is a website that people can go to in order to share and view content. Reddit has many different sub-Reddits, including one for Minecraft! Our goal is to get enough people to comment and vote on our post that it moves to the top of the Minecraft forum, and maybe even to the front page of Reddit!