Please note: all times are Pacific Time (UTC-08:00). The schedule will be updated closer to the event.

Friday, January 13th
12:00PM – Minecraft Marathon starts
Saturday, January 14th
Sunday, January 15th
5:00PM – Minecraft Marathon ends
If donations are still going strong, we will discuss adding more time

Team Survival Server events include:

  • Team fort building phases
    Each team builds its own fort and gaming arenas during the weekend. As time passes, the buildings become more complex, adding levels of difficulty to games like Capture the Flag.
  • Capture the Flag
    Each team will be tasked with infiltrating the other team’s base and recovering a set item. The more complex the team bases get, the harder this game becomes!
  • Where’s the Beef?
    We spawn in a large number of cows, and players in a fenced-off area will compete to kill the most cows, then throw the beef to their team’s goalie, located in the center.
  • Spleef
    Spleef is an old Minecraft favorite! Our teams will play in an arena with a floor crafted from easy to destroy materials such as wool, glass, or clay. When the game starts, players destroy the floor underneath their opponents; a floor which often hides deep water, a long fall, or lava!
  • Boat races
    We’re on a boat! With one flip of a redstone-powered switch, our boats launch, and the teams are off on an aquatic race. Be careful that you don’t crash your boat!
  • Footraces
    Server admins will teleport all of the contestants to a set location, far away from the opposing bases. Equipped with just a compass and a few items, participants must race back to the central area, avoiding creatures, environmental hazards, and other players!
  • Thunderdome
    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls… Dyin’ time’s here. Teams compete in one-on-one battles to the finish. Once a battle is over, the next player charges in, attempting to finish off the victor before they can regain their strength.

Creative Server events include:

  • Build contests
  • Requests from viewers
  • An Evil Wil Wheaton colossus, requested by Wil
  • A giant statue of Codex, from The Guild, since Felicia Day retweeted us too