Listed below are some of the people who have dedicated their time to one of our teams. If you are playing with us and need information, please click here.

Name: Marc
Minecraft name: MidnightEnforcer
Twitter: @Marc_IRL
About: Marc is the Red Team captain, an improv comedian, and PAX Enforcer. During PAX Prime 2011, Marc had the opportunity to be Mojang’s exhibitor assistant, which led to working with them again at Minecon as Mojang’s Volunteer Coordinator.


Marc, MinecraftChick and Vu Bui

Name: Beker
Minecraft name: Beker
Twitter: @eribek
About: Beker is the Blue Team captain. His day job is part tech support, part diplomat and part troubleshooter. He has volunteered in various capacities at many different fan/geek/gamer conventions such as PAX, MineCon, ECCC and Steamcon, and enjoys helping events run smoothly.


Beker approves this bio

Name: Johnny Confidence
Minecraft name: JohnnyConfidence
Twitter: @jconfidence
About: Johnny has been an enforcer at PAX and a supporter of Child’s Play since their inception. He loves Minecraft and can think of nothing else more fun than supporting a charity he deeply cares about by playing one of the best games of all time. In his spare time he likes to write, and take long walks on the beach (as long as said beach is in a game).


Name: Mudkip (aka Mel)
Minecraft Name: Melvolosa
About: I’m a gamer Starbucks barista university student that started enforcing for PAX in 2011. Now I’m here to do what I love for the children!


Name: Scott Jackson
Minecraft Name: Scotterdude
Twitter: @Scotterdude
About: Why are you so curious? My name is Scott Jackson. I’m pretty new to minecraft. New enough that I’m not exactly sure how to make an axe. I’m a Firefighter/EMT and have been doing it for about 6 years. I’m good friends with Marc (That one guy that is helping put this event together) and he asked me to come and have some fun for charity. I’m excited to be some comical relief while I fuddle through surviving the big green dudes that blow up. Excited to see everyone there and enjoy their company! WAHOO!


Name: Aioua
Minecraft Name: Aioua
Twitter: @aioua
About: My roommates and I built a full-size cathedral back in alpha. We did the whole thing without cheating, had to level an entire mountain for all the stone. Then it was destroyed in a hard drive crash. I still mourn the loss.


Name: Justin
Minecraft Name: Sheez
Twitter: @ClockworkCrow
About: Sheez is the winningest Blue Team player, an admin on the Nations at War PVP server, and generally a smart cookie. Sheez talks in the third person, and contracts for the Googles. Which means he knows what you’re searching for. You should be ashamed.

Name: Groove
Minecraft Name: Groovetini
Twitter: @Groovetini
About: Groove is a blue team member. He has been a PAX Enforcer and Child’s Play supporter since 2006. He like playing Minecraft and doing anything for the lols. HE WILL DO SOMETHING FUNNY/STUPID FOR MONEY!


Name: Jozie
Minecraft Name: j0z1e
Twitter: @j0z1e
About: j0z1e became a gamer the moment she picked up her first NES controller at the tender age of 6 and became hooked to Street Fighter. Her fantastic father had no idea that his little girl would grow into a lean, mean, headshotting machine when he bought that “weird new fangled gaming box”. Twenty three years later and she is still having fun gaming whether it’s video or table top, rpg or fps. She can most often be found in an MMORPG, but has trouble sticking to just one! As an avid member of the PAX community, you can also always find her in the paforums_pax IRC. She spends the rest of her time acting, baking, and loving her adorable daughter.


Name: Rick
Minecraft Name: Vulcnor
Twitter: @Vulcnor
About: A PAX enforcer, dabbles in a bit of everything. Caught wind of this Beker and Marc pulling this event together. Threw his hat into the ring, picked up his guitar, and hopes his learning the Minecraft pvp ropes is humorous.


Name: Patrick Roberts Account Name: dragonshardz
Twitter Handle: @dragonshardz
About: An avid gamer and full-time student who is working towards a BA in Game Design. His skills in Minecraft lean more toward the architectural and aesthetic side of things, but don’t discount his PVP skills – insidious traps, clever tactics, and stealthy attacks are his signature moves.


Name: Nate Lewis
Minecraft Name: N8Lewis
Twitter: @n8lewis
About: The web developer and main OP for! I’ve been playing Minecraft since early Alpha. A friend showed it to me at a lan party and I was hooked ever since… My first real expierence with mine craft involved diging into a cave where I then got scared to death and eaten by a giant spider.


Name: Naile
Minecraft Name: Naile
Twitter: @Naile_Prime

Name: Ike Lewis
Minecraft Name: ikelewis
Twitter: @ikelewis
About:Ike’s first minecraft experience is with his friend Kody we started
playing without know what we were doing. It took Kody digging to
bedrock with his fist before we figured out how to build picks and
other items.


Name: Tek
Minecraft Name: Tek
About: tek found minecraft after Prime09, has been an off and on player
since. Only recently getting more into the creative side of things
and exploring the awesome that is Redstone, thou still quite a newb at


Name: Matt
Minecraft Name: BoS_Tobe
About: I am currently pursuing a college transfer degree at Skagit Valley College, AVID NASCAR fan, and golf’s when the weather permits. However, when the weather doesn’t, you can find me playing various PC games. Current games being played, Battlefield 3, Batman: Arkham City, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Trine 2, TrackMania 2: Canyon, and of course, Minecraft in between.


Name: Katherine
Minecraft Name: PixieKate
Twitter: @PinkPixie019
About: Pixie is a 26 year old from Seattle. She has only been playing Minecraft for a few days, but she already loves the game. She can be seen bouncing around or on the stream commenting on the on going the games. She is currently a back up for Red Team. She is also the fearless leader of Team Pixie, whose Arch Nemesis is Team Scott.
Keep an eye out for her on the stream and give her a shout. But don’t Spam!!!!!