We’d like to take a moment to thank those who have helped us out. Please be aware that these are not in any particular order. Click the links below to support our sponsors and/or their business. Thank you!

  • Mojang
  • Jones Soda
  • ThinkGeek
  • J!NX
  • SamCube/WonderCraft
  • LethalDrive
  • Uber Entertainment
  • Kerplunc Gaming

    Special thanks to: M3Sweatt, Todd Martini, Jamie Dillion, Jake Jervey, Nancy Swope, Mikayla Wilson, Hannah Rutherford, Lindsay Brunetto, Ash Lee, Stuart Platt, Robert Scott English, Mike Krahulik, Vu Bui, Jason Haselbauer, the Minecon Agents, PAX Enforcers, and all of our Team Survival and Creative server players!
    This page is in the process of being updated with everyone who has helped us out, and will be ready when the event starts. If we’ve forgotten anyone, we didn’t mean to! Send an email to Marc[at]minecraftmarathon[dot]org and we’ll get this page updated!