March Skirmishes

Mark your calendars and tell your friends.
Skirmish 2 – Saturday March 10th, 6pm pst.
Adventure Map 2-4 players
Because of the small number of players this won’t really be a team activity. But it should be fun to watch regardless.

Skirmish 3 – Sunday March 26th, 3pm pst
Team Small Games Medley
We have 4 teams now, and they are ready to compete. This will be the first time the new teams compete against each other. They will be competing in Spleef, Where’s the Beef, Thunderdome, and the Iron Man Race. We have built an all new area to hold these games in utilizing the new taller ceiling height. Hope you aren’t afraid of heights.
Meet the new teams, choose your favorites. The new team colors as chosen by them(as of now) are Lime Green, Purple, Gray and Red. If you fancy yourself a skin maker i’m sure they would appreciate some new skins to wear sporting their team colors. Keep in mine that skins need to have the team color prominently on the head (at least), and not have any other teams color prominent anywhere on the skin (specks and small highlights are fine). Email submissions to

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