Team Information

Welcome to the team information page! If you’re playing with us, please take a look.
Who is playing in the Minecraft Marathon? For the Team Survival server, all players will be in the same physical location, with the majority of them being PAX Enforcers or our personal friends. The creative server will be open to a select group of Enforcers, Minecon Agents, and everyone from the Team Survival server. Unless the above criteria are met, we are not currently accepting applications for players.
The event runs from noon on January 13th through 5:00pm on January 15th. Thursday setup tentatively starts at 6:00pm. For those joining us at the beginning of the event, please arrive between 10 and 11am. On Sunday, if for some reason the donations are still flooding in at 5:00, we may discuss the possibility of extending the event.
Computers (mostly laptops) will be provided, but you may wish to bring extra equipment such as a headphones. We will not have enough mice, so if you have one (or more), and want to spare us from having to use trackpads, please bring one along. We suggest that you label your equipment so that it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.
At times, we may have more players than we need on the Team Survival server. If you have a laptop, feel free to bring that, but please help us save space by keeping desktops and monitors at home.
We should be good on equipment for the event, but if you have extra lighting, or audio/video equipment, it can’t hurt to bring some extras with you. If we don’t use it, it can just be left in your vehicle.
Everyone is on their own for transportation, but if you’re an Enforcer and need a ride, check the Minecraft Marathon recruitment thread on the [E] forums. If you don’t know where the event is being held, call/text/tweet/email Marc or Beker.
There will be a limited amount of space for those who need to stay over during the weekend. The option is there, but if you live nearby or have a hotel, it may be preferable to sleeping on a Sumo.
If you will be at the event, and have not submitted a bio for the team page, please submit the following to marc[at]minecraftmarathon[dot]org:

  • Name (first name or alias, last name optional)
  • Minecraft account name
  • Twitter handle (optional)
  • A short blurb about yourself
  • A clear picture of yourself